Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dia Sudah Ada Rumah

After three months of vagrancy, today Sunday, August 15th home completed and ready for occupation. These are the things in his name. In conjunction with the month of Ramadhan heart terggerak to provide permanent residence. Easy for him to eat drink and stay there. As if we understand the desire of two beranakpun .... .... he is not relentless in trying out the new place ... conducts as though we are grateful for the ready .. (agaknyalaa).
The story begins from the last three months ... his family fled to hide in the gate house, afraid of the cat-loving males who want membaham children. Have run away without realizing it ... stuck it in my house the existing group of friends out there that can diacah-acah made food if forced ... He is the Koi fish.

Since then, he berkeliaranlah kejab there ... there ... kejab Jap .. Sure ... every weekend she would menjengokkan face-to-door house. As a human heart called to offer what should be ... especially bungsuku syadid the animal lovers. Day-to-day there will be the only way to enable it to meet and feed his new contacts. Perhaps, his tercuit when the return is sent and received at the school gate by his friend is. God's creation is so unique, it seems to understand what is required by humans.

Pelahan2 whispered wishes to maintain the theme of her new liver to his father. sincere wish that the statements made on this day when we sama2 bertukang to complete a modest house for her. Although only in place outside the house, now he will be with us as mahklok God in this house ..... Thank you Lord DUREN conscience move to keep the family cat that was abandoned ... not getting anywhere.


  1. salam bertandang sini
    moga di berkati Allah
    orang di sana dalam
    menjalani ibadah di bulan
    Ramadhan Al-mubarak

  2. Salam,
    Kita buat baik ni bukan setakat sesama manusia tetapi juga dengan binatang. Selamat Bersahur !

  3. ya berbuat baik tak kira pd manusia sja kan

  4. tqvm zulkbo.

    salam ramadhan dan berkat berpuasa hendaknya kita semua

  5. tqvm luahfikiran,

    benarlah...berbuat baik tak perlu kira siapa dan di mana asalkan mahklok Tuhan.salam ramadhan

  6. tqvm soni gonzales,

    buat baik berpada2..buat jahat jgn sekali..tepat ke ni..


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